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Drawings and Specifications
for Do-it-yourself Plants and Packages

Drawings and Specifications are issued in DIN/ASA sizes––in Acrobat (.pdf) or Photoshop (.jpg) formats––for printing on size A3 horizontal sheets (drawings) and size A4 vertical sheets (specifications). All drawings come with at least one 3D color rendering of the arrangement or part it represents. Below are typical samples of drawings for a LeanFish One fish meal plant (alligned left) and a conventional block ice plant (alligned right).

Exhauster Housing: Acrobat .pdf, 176 KB
Exhauster Connectioons: Acrobat .pdf, 248 KB
Bagging Arrangement: Acrobat .pdf, 352 KB

Acrobat .pdf, 644 KB: Brine Tank
Photoshop .gif, 84 KB: Harvesting Area
Photoshop .jpg, 1,9 MB: Harvesting Area
Acrobat .pdf, 624 KB: Ice Can Frame with Cans

Guidelines for negotiations of our Fees:
Do-it-yourself Fish Meal Plants
Do-it-yourself Refrigerating Plants

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