The All-In-One
do-it-yourself Refrigerating Package

The All-In-One Refrigerating Package (picture below) incorporates, as the name implies, all the systems, of which a conventional refrigerating plant consists. The media dealt with in the package are refrigerant, cold carrier (chilled water or brine), heat carrier (condenser water) and electric current (for power and controls). The systems are linked together to perform as the application calls for. The package is compact and assembled on a base frame welded from steel profiles.

The All In One Refrigerating Package
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The major components in the package are; one compressor-motor unit, two plate heat exchangers (for the cold and heat carriers), one liquid separator, one oil separator, one liquid refrigerant receiver, two centrifugal pumps with motors (for the cold and heat carriers), anelectric switch board and miscellaneous controls. The package is piped, wired and insulated in compliance with international regulatory ordinances

All In One - Front View All In One - Rear View
The All-In-One Type RPE Refrigerating Package; Front View (left) and Rear View (right)
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The All-In-One Refrigerating Package can be equipped with an Alternative Prime Mover (picture above), consisting a combustion engine (fuelled with oil or gas; green in picture) and an electric alternator (beige), making it self-sufficient and independent of municipal (electric) power supplies.

We - IceBits ehf of Iceland, - provide at moderate charges complete sets of drawings and specifications, including the concepts for automatic controls, for local do-it-yourself fabrication and assembly of All-In-One Refrigerating Packages.

Typical applications for All-In-One Refrigerating Packages
are Block Ice Plants and Refrigerated Drying.

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