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Split Flow Heat Pump

Lukewarm geothermal fluid, at 7°C and sewater salinity, is split into two streams; one is cooled down to 1°C, the other heated up to 15°C. This application finds practical use in Icelandic laboratories, where juveniles in aquaculture are tested for survival and growth.

The Split Flow

In attached 3D views (references below), a heat pump package is built up from a twin semi-hermetic refrigerating compressor package (BOCK), two plate heat exchangers (GUENTNER Thermowave) and two centrifugal water pumps.

Front Left View - Front Right View - Rear Left View - Rear Right View

The pictures show conceptual design and proposed arrangement. Drag them onto your desktop; they will open in Picture Viewer or Adobe Photoshop - or any other graphic software - for printing on A4 or US Letter landscape sheets.


Two DAIKIN Heat Pumps at the Marine Research Institute at Grindavik

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