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Concepts for do-it-yourself Plants

We provide full sets of drawings and specifications;
you fabricate and erect the plants yourself.

LeanFish - the unique WLT Fish Meal Maker
NEW > > Ultima - the All-purpose Fish Meal Plant < < NEW
Conventional SAB IB-FMA Fish Meal Plants
Manual Block Ice Plants
(non-refrigerated storage)
Automatic Plate Ice Plants
(non-refrigerated storage)
Automatic Scale or Flake Ice Plants
(refrigerated storage)
APV Amerio Automatic Plate Freezers
(freezing pelagics)
NEW > > Room-in-Room (diy facility to freeze and store tuna) < < NEW
NEW > > The Integrated Total Plant (to process Pelagic Harvests) < < NEW
Tuna Blast Freezer
('containerized', movable; -60°C)
IQF Spiral Freezers ('containerized', movable)
Cooling the Aggregates
(concrete batching)
NEW > > Block Ice for C
oncrete Batching < < NEW

On-the-road Ice Skating Rinks
Fish Head Dryers ('containerized', movable)

Large Fish Head Dryers (stationary)

How to convert existing Cold Storage Rooms
for Refrigerated Drying

This presentation is under constant scrutiny;
it will remain so and, hopefully, never be finished.

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Last updated: 18 February, 2009 16:30 Icelandic Time (GMT)