All-purpose Fish Meal Plants

Upgraded to latest EU Standards

The SAB Type IB-FMA Semi-automatic All-purpose Fish Meal Plants have been upgraded to latest EU Standards. They are equipped to process offal, by-catch and fresh harvests into fish meal and fish oil of prime quality. In standard executions, the plants can handle marine or aquatic raw material with LOC (Live Oil Content; oil content as percentage of live weight) exceeding 20% and individual lengths up to 75 cm (2'-6"). The plants are built for continuous duty and can operate around the clock.

The term semi-automatic implies that, except for starting and stopping, work on the plants merely consists removing a filled bag from the bagging station and replacing it with an empty one. Automatic controls are set when processing commences and need be adjusted only if the consistency of the raw material changes.

The core piece of the SAB Fish Meal Plant––the unique Tower Assembly, framed in The Concept––is built up from the cooker (on top), the press (in the middle), the drier (at the bottom) and some accessories, all assembled into one Vertical Block, thereby eliminating transport equipment between these components (transfer by gravity) and minimising space requirements. Attached Reference List shows that SAB has delivered more than eight hundred (800) fish meal plants during four decades ending the last Century

The process begins with the feeding of raw material, followed by mincing, cooking, pressing, drying, milling and bagging. The presswater is separated in the Three-Phase Decanter, into solids 'suspended' in the presswater, oil and stickwater. The stickwater passes through the Liquid Concentration Plant and the resulting concentrate, consisting the solids that were 'dissolved' in the presswater, is fed back into the mainstream. Hence; all solids from the raw material are recovered and the final product becomes Whole Meal.

Although the quality of the products depends to a great extent on the freshness of the raw material, meal and oil from SAB Fish Meal Plants always constitute high grade additives to animal and aquaculture feed.

SAB Fish Meal Plants work on a socalled wet method; hence, the material is cooked and dried through contact with surfaces indirectly heated through steam at moderate temperatures. This warrants tender handling of the material and results in what is known in the market as as Low Temperature Meal, abbreviated LT-Meal. And since all solids from the raw material are recovered, the product becomes Whole Low Temperature Meal––or WLT-Meal.

Enhancement (available on request): Generally, digestible proteins are contained in the soft tissue of the raw material; the minerals come from the bones. Fish meal with high protein content and low in minerals is sought after for the feeding of juveniles in aquaculture. All SAB Fish Meal Plants can be equipped to separate a fraction of the dried product from the mainstream prior to milling, shown on the attached Mass Flow ... and The Concept, known as Enhancement. Usually, the separated fraction contains well over 80% of the digestible protein and––since it is comparatively small––the reduction in the protein content of the very much larger volume of standard product is negligible.

The plants are started up and operated from a central Electric Power and Control Panel and can be controlled from there in the semi-automatic mode. All electric functions can be switched on and off and the speed of all components vital to the operation of the plant (conveyors, cooker, press, dryer, dosing pumps) adjusted directly from this panel, but they can also be controlled manually at the particular component itself. The supply of steam and the return of condensate, to and from all equipment heated with steam, is managed from the central Valve Panel fitted on the side of the dryer.

SAB Fish Meal Plants are built to ordinances governing environment compatibility in force world wide and to stringent standards on hygiene, industrial safety and accident prevention. They can be delivered in 'twin' and 'multi' tower arrangements, up to capacities exceeding 300 mTon/24h of the raw material. Pictures of recent deliveries are attached.

In addition to a qualified Factory Manager, one to six Workmen––for small to big plants respectively, depending on skill and degree of training––are required to operate the SAB Fish Meal Plants in their full capacities, including feeding of raw material and bagging of the finished product.

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