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In the late 1970s and early 1980s, IBPL - short for Ice Bits Pte Ltd - of Singapore developed new and simplified concepts for industrial refrigeration and processing of fish meal from marine and aquatic offal. The company ceased to operate in 1985; however, these unique techniques were successfully promoted worldwide out of Iceland during the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s by ...

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... and became popular in the developing world. Early in 2002, IceBits ehf of Iceland was incorporated ...

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... and took over all above mentioned activities. Being the namesake of IBPL, the new company became the successor of both.

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While the userfriendliness of the concepts has been maintained, designs and specifications are continuously being upgraded, to current EU and USA standards for do-it-yourself fabrication. The most prominent techniques from the IBPL times are:

LeanFish Fish Meal Plants (for 'lean' raw materials)
Conventional Block Ice Plants
Alternative Prime Movers - RPE and RMPE

... while later developments include ...

LeanFish Combi Fish Meal Plants (for 'oily' raw materials)
Freezing with APV Amerio Automatic Plate Freezers and
All-in-one Brine Cooler
and All-In-One Refrigerating Package
(for Block Ice Plants, Refrigerated Drying and Ice Skating Rinks
Conversion of existing cold storage rooms for Refrigerated Drying

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